Second Encounter

The Mystery of Heaven and Hell
Testimony #2

My name is Emmanuel Senayon. I thank God for his divine grace in my life who gave me the golden grace to see this revelation. The Lord promised me in my first encounter, to visit me again, to show me the mystery because his coming is very near and Satan is working so hard to win souls for his ugly kingdom.
It all happened on the 26th of January 2013 around 6am in the morning when I slept and I didn’t know that my body was already dead here on earth. I saw the Lord, he said, “COME! I WANT TO SHOW YOU THE PLAN OF THE DEVIL AGAINST MAN.” The Lord took my hand and we arrived before the throne of the Devil, and I saw Devil on the throne. He was laughing with an ugly voice, saying,
“I must win their souls. Their souls are mine!! Hahaha!!”

The Lord told me to watch carefully so that I would be able to tell others what I saw. I saw two demons. They brought a man before the throne of the Devil. The man was a sorcerer, and immediately, when the Devil saw him, he laughed and said, ‘‘Welcome my faithful servant.”

The Devil began to question the two demons with great anger saying, “How many souls did he win for me?” The demon said, “7 million.” Then the Devil began to laugh and again he asked the demon, “How many of the seven million have died?” The demon replied, “2 million.” The Devil began to laugh saying, “Their souls belong to me! Ha ha ha!” Again the Devil asked the demon, “How many planes did he crash?” The demon replied, “Six.” And, again the Devil asked the demon, “How many car accidents did he cause?” The demon said, “Many.” The Devil said with a great anger, “I have a gift for you! I must give you a gift!”

Suddenly I saw a huge demon with a very ugly cup in his hand. Inside the cup was a dark acid. The demon gave it to the man and the Devil, in a powerful voice told the man, “Drink it. Drink it. Drink it.” The man drank it and his body began to melt. The acid began to eat his body and his flesh burst into pieces! The man cried bitterly. He looked for a way to escape but the Devil laughed and said, “I tricked you and you followed my deception. You will never get out of this place. Your soul is mine! Hahaha!” Then the Devil said, “Take him away!” The demon took him and he was thrown into the fire! He was crying bitterly with great, deep feelings because the torment of Hell is so great. (Isaiah 5:14)

The Devil was saying this because many souls are ending their lives in Hell fire. The Lord was crying like a baby because many Christians no longer win souls for Christ. My friend, it is time. We must say no to the work of the flesh and win souls for Christ. (Matthew 10:7).

The Devil was laughing loudly. He called out to a demon and said, “Go to the highway and cause accidents.” The demon obeyed him and quickly ran to the earth. The Devil called out another demon saying, “Go to the air and cause a plane crash!” The Devil called out another demon saying, “Go quickly and make the artists expose their nakedness and expose their bodies on TV, the internet, and on paper. Go and make the prostitutes release their new videos!” They all obeyed him and ran to the earth quickly. We must be careful of what we watch on TV, the internet, and also on paper [magazines and newspapers etc.] because the Devil is out there, looking for whom he may devour. (1 Peter 5:8).

Later, I saw some powerful beasts. They told the man, “You used us to hurt people while you were on earth. It is now our turn to hurt.” They began to torment the man and the man cried bitterly. He even sought for death but it was too late for him because any soul that arrives in Hell will never get out. He will be there forever. (Matthew 22:13).

This is a great challenge to us as Christians. Just one servant of the Devil won seven million souls. Two million of those have already died. Now they are in great torment. How many people did you tell about Christ today? Some have not even won just one soul for Christ.

I remember in 2011, I had a revelation and I saw the Devil on the throne saying, “Who shall separate me from my glory?” Then the Devil called a brother in Hell fire saying, “Joseph, do you now believe that Hell fire is real? Do you now believe my kingdom is real?” I saw the brother crying bitterly. The demon was tormenting him furiously. The Lord showed me the life story of the brother. While he was still on earth, he never believed Hell fire existed and he also taught his fellowship member that Hell fire was not real. He taught them that man only needed to seek blessings. He told them Hell fire was not real, and when a man dies, he dies forever and his soul would never go anywhere.

Now he is in Hell fire crying, and saying, “Now I believe. Please take me out! Now I believe!” The Devil said, “Your soul is mine! You will be here forever!” This is a great lesson for those of you that thought Hell fire is not real. Now, repent and be saved. Hell fire is so real. (Matthew 13:50)(Matthew 25:30).


I saw a brother coming to Jesus when he died. He was happy because he thought he had made it to Heaven at last. When he got before Jesus Christ, Jesus was weeping deeply. He said to the brother, “Gabriel, where is your sword of truth? Where is your breast plate of righteousness that I gave to you? I gave you complete armor. Where are they?” The brother said, “I left it at my friend’s house, please let me go and take it back.” The Lord told him, “It is too late. You cannot go back again because I warned you but you never listened to me. I know you not!” The brother was crying with great sorrow saying, “Please give me the chance to go back. Please Lord, please, please!” The Lord shouted angrily saying, “Depart! Depart! Depart! For I know you not! Depart from me!” and a great storm just carried him away.

The Lord showed me the life story of the brother. While he was on earth, he never went out to win souls for the Lord. Whenever the Lord told him to go and tell people about the gospel, he would procrastinate. The Devil spoke into his heart, “Sit down and read your bible. You will go tomorrow.” When tomorrow arrived, the Lord told him, “Gabriel, go and warn that sinner to repent and be saved.” Then, Satan would speak into his heart, “Gabriel sit down and read your Bible. Tomorrow you shall do that” He began to obey the voice of Satan. (2 Corinthians 11:13-14).

He went to his friend’s house and instead of telling his friend about Jesus they started to discuss a business matter. The brother lost his salvation through the evil advice of his friend. He began to live a sinful life, just like his friend. That was why he told the Lord that he left his breastplate of righteousness at his friend’s house.

The Lord told me, “TELL MY PEOPLE THAT THEIR ARMOR MUST BE COMPLETE. TELL THEM THEY MUST NOT LOSE THEIR ARMOR!” (Ephesians 6:10-18). The brother arrived in Hell fire. I saw a big snake with many thorns on his body. The snake said, “Gabriel that was how I deceived the first man to lose the real image of God. (Genesis 3) I deceived you and you followed my deception. I will torment you forever!” The big snake entered the body of the brother and was hurting him. The man cried bitterly but he could not get out of the fire.
The Devil began to laugh saying, “Your soul is mine! I must win you all!” Christians, it is time to develop our relationship with God because many of them end their lives in Hell fire just because of small sins. We must confess our sins and forsake them, because the standard of God stands sure. (2 timothy 2:19)


The Lord said, “COME, I WANT TO SHOW YOU A KING.” I saw a man chained down to a throne. A demon was tormenting him furiously. The Lord told me it was King Saul. When King Saul saw me, he said, “You are here. Go and tell my people I am here. Tell them they should not disobey God. Tell the children of Israel that they must obey the voice of the Lord. My disobedience led me to this place. (1 Samuel 13:13-14) (1 Samuel 15:22-26) (1 Samuel 16:14) I was a murder. I killed myself. I thought I was the owner of my life. (1 Samuel 31:4) Please tell them Hell fire is real.” He was crying for help but the demon continued to torment him. The Lord told me, “You must tell them what you saw. If you don’t tell them you will be judged.”


The Lord took me to another place in Hell fire. I saw how the Devil was working on a Christian. There was a dark anointing in a very big hole. Many demons came there to take from the anointing, and I was wondering what they were using it for. The Lord said, “My son, tell my people they must be prayerful. They used that anointing against Christians while they slept. Those demons would pour the anointing on that Christian and if the Christian refused to pray, the anointing would bring strange feelings and evil thoughts. Their relationship with me would not be perfect and they would backslide.”

My people, we should not be ignorant of the devices of the Devil. (2 Corinthians 2:11). Whenever we sleep there are many things the Devil is doing against our soul. The Bible speaks the truth about the EVIL SOWER. “..but while men slept, his enemy came and sowed tares among the wheat and went his way.” (Matthew 13:25).

The Lord said, “My son, look at that man.” I saw a man on earth. While he was sleeping a demon poured a dark anointing on the man and went away. When the man woke up, he did not pray just because he was late for work. Instead he rushed out of his room quickly on his way to work. That dark anointing began to manifest in his life. The man started to have strange feelings. He committed adultery with women who were church members. That was how the man forsook the Lord. The Lord warned him to pray but he refused to listen because of his job. The Lord said, “He is a pastor.”
We must be careful because the Devil is a great deceiver and his mission is to deceive into destruction. He has worked politically as ‘The Prince of this World.’ As ‘The God of this Age’ he blinds the unbeliever to keep him from believing the gospel of salvation. (Ephesians 6:11-20)

My people, those of you who never believed in the Holy Spirit, I am telling you, He is real! I saw a man in Hell fire. He was chained down, being tormented by a demon. When the man saw us, he was saying, “Now I believe in the Holy Spirit. Now I believe in speaking in tongues.” When the man was still on earth, he never believed in Holy Spirit. He walked according to the flesh and not according to the Holy Spirit. He overlooked many sins and now he is in Hell fire begging for a second chance but the Lord told him, “IT IS TOO LATE! I CANNOT SAVE YOU AGAIN!” The man cried bitterly, blaspheming against the Lord. (Luke 11:13).

All we need is to ask the Father to give us the Holy Spirit because he has promised to give those who ask him (Ephesians 1:13-14). Pray hard and do not give up in seeking the Holy Spirit because if you don’t have him you will continue doing the will of the flesh (Romans 8:5-14). Seek the Holy Spirit to make it to Heaven.

The Lord told me, “MY SON, COME, LET ME SHOW YOU HOW I WANT MY CHURCH TO BE.” I saw a church with a burning flaming fire. People were in the fire but the fire never consumed them. The Lord said, “THAT IS THE FIRE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.”

There were many powerful angels with swords in their hands surrounding the church. The people in the church were praying hard and crying unto the Lord. He said, “This is how I want my church to be, but many of my churches are cold.” (Revelation 3:15-16) Many of my churches no longer pray hard. They never do fasting. They never preach about my second coming. They never preach about Hell fire. They never preach about my glorious kingdom. They never do exploits and win souls for me. They no longer want my order, but all they want is to be led by flesh and not by spirit. Tell them all, I am coming quickly and my reward is with me to give to everyone according to his work. (Revelation 22:12)Tell them to seek me and they shall find me. I am giving this chance to them to repent and be saved for my door is still open to anyone who wants to come in, but once the door is closed, they will cry unto me to open it but I will tell them, I know them not. (Matthew 25:11-13) My son, tell them I am about to close the door.” The Lord was crying.

Church, you need to wake up and forsake strange doctrines that will surely lead to Hell fire. Remember what the Lord says, “As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten. Therefore be zealous and repent.” (Revelation 3:19)


The Lord took me to another place in Hell fire. There were many demons in a meeting. Suddenly they all scattered, disguised as pastors, evangelists, prophets, teachers, brothers, sisters, elders and reverends. The Devil was giving them orders, saying, “Go now to the earth! Go and perform signs and wonders! Go and perform miracles! Go teach them false doctrines and bring more souls to my kingdom!” Those demons obeyed him, running to the earth with full speed.

When I saw them, I was very surprised. This made me remember my first encounter with Jesus Christ, when the Lord showed me something in Hell next to Satan’s throne in Hell. It was a very big, deep hole. There were names of churches that belonged to Satan on Earth, written down inside the hole. My friend, please beware of the churches you attend. If it does not stand on the whole counsel of God (preaching of holiness, righteousness, second coming of Jesus Christ, godly dressing and preaching of Hell fire) please move away from such a church, because they belong to Satan. (Matthew 24:24)(Mark 13:5-6)(Luke 21:8). We must be careful for many demons are in the likeness of ministers of God, just to deceive people into destruction. The Lord said, “I AM NOT THEIR FOUNDER. I DON’T KNOW THOSE CHURCHES IN THAT HOLE.”(2 timothy 3:4-7)


The Lord took me to another place. I saw there only a few people fighting many demons. It was a great and powerful battle. The demons had wounded many people during the battle because their armor was not complete. There was blood on their bodies but they continued to fight. The Lord was crying, saying, “You must put on the whole armor of God.” (Ephesians 6:11-18) There were also some people with complete amour. The demons were not able to wound them.
The Lord spoke, “I need more people in this battle field. Tell them to come to me and I will fill them with my power. Tell them to seek the great armor of the spirit with all their heart and they shall have it.” Suddenly, the Lord turned his face to me saying, “They are waiting for you on earth.” He took me back and I woke up.

My mom and older brother had already removed the blanket I was using to cover myself. My mom told me that she had been trying to wake me up for a long time but I was not responding. Hence, she ran to my brother’s room to tell him. She was calling me but I did not respond and my brother also confirmed that. They thought something was wrong with my blood. Even when I had woken up, they were standing there crying and calling my name. My mom was almost crying.

My friend, Jesus Christ has revealed the secrets of the Devil and what he wants his churches to be like. It is now our turn to take that step toward salvation, repent of our sins and be saved. (Ephesians 5:1-2). If you are a pastor, minister of God, or a backslidden Christian please wake up and return to Jesus. He will receive you. (Ephesians 5:14-21). The Lord promised to visit me a third time. He said, “I am coming to visit you and show you more things about Heaven and Hell fire. I will come to visit you on the 9th of February, 2013.” AWAKE CHRISTIANS!!


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