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Emmanuel samson jude is a missionary from badagry,Lagos state, Nigeria and his native name is SENAYON. He was born in July 12, 1994 at ibereko Badagry. The name of his wife is deborah and both of them are happily married. He spend 11 months in his mother womb, but there are a lot of prophecy about him that he would work for God and be a great man of God in the world. About the birth experience The day his mother would give birth to him, that was the time the hospital was on strike and his mother nearly die, but to the great surprise to the people a pastor from rccg was the one that pray for his mother and the mother gave birth. The name of his mother is IGBEKELE CHRISTIANA.


He received the call of God upon His life from the age of 15 years old but fully obeyed his calling at the age of 18 years old.


The name of the ministry God committed into His hand is the overcomers group of christ, and he is the watchman of the group for God told him not to title himself as founder but as a watchman that He has set samsonjude to be a watchman over his people.


. The overcomers group of Christ is a non-denomination ministry and recently it was change to THE OVERCOMERS BRIDE OF CHRIST WORLDWIDE MINISTRY (NON DENOMINATION) because the group was registered under the government of Nigeria. Overcomers is a revival group established since 2008 and they started with 6 members at ikoga grammar school badagry. this 6 people have great passion for evangelism and Revival of the world at their tender age, they were on fire for God, but at that time overcomers has not been named, because they want to live according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. They have a mission to organize crusade, revival program, conference, ministers program and seminar and more


Samsonjude is a preacher of holiness, and he always said “A man can live without sin for that is the power of the grace in Christ Jesus through the entire sanctification of the whole man. His common doctrine is about eternity, heaven, hell, prayer, how you can make heaven. For he had so many Revelation about Heaven and Hell, Rapture and the great tribulation. So he preached about all this. He speak a very simple English that even illiterate would understand his doctrine and speech If you want to know more about His sermon check youtube and type “EMMANUEL SAMSONJUDE ” Emmanuel samsonjude have a great passion to revive the church and bring back the old gospel of holiness such like of john Wesley, George whitefield , charles finney , Jonathan Edward and many more that once shake the world through mighty Revival. By the grace of God the group started with six members but today is a worldwide ministry and the vision is coming to FULFILMENT


When he started the ministry he faced so much persecution from the churches and pastors because he preached against worldliness in the church and some sort to kill him. For they were astonished at his doctrine and boldness in speaking against filthiness in the church and ungodliness among the pastors. Many oppose him and said he is using demonic power , because of miracle , healing , deliverance , and signs and wonders that God is doing through Him .they said this because they have looked for his hurt but could not succeeded and they determined that the only way to stop him is to blackmail him so that people would left”” many left as the result of this but He still mentain his stand and doctrine and he never compromise


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