About Us

We are a nondenominational, faith-based ministry that empowers people to overcome hurts, hang-ups and life-controlling habits.

Our mission is to lead people to a life-transforming relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. We provide recovery resources that are biblically sound and user friendly. We network with people from all race and culture to help them establish Christ-centered “Overcomers” groups where people can experience God’s love and truth.

We also teach you how to walk with God in holiness and RIGHTOUNESS because To walk with God is our highest privilege. The very expression reveals it. To walk along our way with the great Jehovah as our Companion, our Friend, our Father — how blessed is this!

Jehovah, the Almighty Creator of Heaven and earth — man, the child of dust, the creature of a day!

Jehovah, the Holy One, the God glorious in holiness — man stained and defiled by evil continually!

Yet it is permitted that repentant man should have fellowship with God. The thought brings us back to Paradise. Before man had sinned, there was close and happy communion between the Creator and the man whom He had formed in His own image. And, in a measure, Paradise is regained, and we enjoy something of Heaven upon earth when the broken link is restored, and man again walks with God.

In walking with God, we have the best company. We are not alone if the Father be with us. The loneliest path has a ray of sunshine upon it, if the God of all comfort be at our side.

In walking with God, we have the best protection. None can harm those who abide in the secret place of the Most High. “If God is for us — then who can be against us?”

In walking with God, we have the surest peace and consolation. There is a calm and quiet rest in the Lord’s felt presence which can be found nowhere else. The nearer we keep to God, the closer we walk with our Father — the less shall we be disturbed by the manifold cares and sorrows of life.



Brief History…

We begun with six members, but now praise Jesus, there are thousands of members revived awaiting the coming of Jesus.

In fact, it is the Lord’s blessing not my effort. The Lord Jesus is the Founder of this group; therefore,it should be to no one’s surprise that the group is prospering, whatever the Lord touches is blessed.

I always refer to the Overcomers as a group, because that is what it is, a group. It is not a church, and I am just a humble watchman entrusted with this great vision by the Lord. As a watchman, it is my responsibility to sound the alarm of the coming Rapture of the Church

Emmanuel SampsonJude                                                                                                                                                          (Watchman)

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