Jonah 1:6 (KJV)  

“So the shipmaster came to him, and said unto him, What meanest thou, O sleeper? arise, call upon thy God, if so be that God will think upon us, that we perish not.”

Who are these sleepers?

What are their states?


● Sinners are perishing. People are dying and going to a Christless eternity but sleeping Christians go to church and wish that the pastor will feed them more with spiritual food.

“Pastor, ride on! Ride on.”

“Tell us more.”

“Slap us with the truth.”

When they have the truth that the pastor is slapping them with, they put it under their clothes.

Jesus says, “Go and tell them.”

Many of you because you are sleeping, your didn’t go. You behave as if it is not a commandment from God. It is simply because you are sleeping. 

You are no longer moved with compassion for sinners. When their salvation no longer mean anything to you but prefer to take money from your unbelieving husband than to pray for him.

You never prayed for him. You never showed him Christ and yet you say you are going to heaven. Heaven will be full of surprises. 

People that think they will receive, “Welcome faithful servant.” The Lord will tell them, “I don’t know you.”

● The sleeping Christians are spiritually overfed but have no desire to distribute common tracts. 

Where are the tracts they gave you? They hide it somewhere. They live their life as if sharing tracts is old school. 

They are like Herod. They love to hear John the Baptist but will not put what he says to practice. 

They love to eat but don’t like to plough the field.

You know the gospel truth but you will not tell others about it. 

The bell is ringing everywhere in our communities. Sinners are being taken to hell on a daily basis. While the professing sleeping Christians are enjoying the meat of God and going to sleep.

You are called the light of the world. 

Where is your light?

Is your light still shining?

Our cities and countries are filled with crimes. Sin is spreading throughout and instead of us to stand in the gap and pray for our nation, we are sleeping.

The devil loves the sleeping Christians. He loves them because they cannot stop him.or disturb him. They are like a toy in his hands.

My prayer today is that the Lord will wake you up in Jesus name.

Prayer : Oh Lord wake me up from my sleep in Jesus Christ name 

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PLEASE if anyone call you in my name , asking you to dial a code , please don’t do it , he is a scammer. 

There is this criminal with this number 08148754809 but I discovered this number is not on WhatsApp. 

He is calling people that the reason our group “EVERYDAY LIFE WITH JESUS CHRIST” is locked is because we are having a program which is not true , we are not having any program. 

Then he will ask people to dial a code , which I believe by doing so, he will access your banking details such as BVN and others .

Please be warned , the group is always locked because it is meant for “EVERYDAY LIFE WITH JESUS CHRIST” A DAILY DEVOTIONAL MESSAGE WRITTEN BY E.S SAMSONJUDE.

Don’t respond to such a call , block the criminal,  don’t dial any code .

As for the criminal,  may the Lord arrest you in His wrath , I prophesy your arrest in Jesus Christ name. 

Please Spread this , i beg you

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