Jonah 1:6 (KJV)  

“So the shipmaster came to him, and said unto him, What meanest thou, O sleeper? arise, call upon thy God, if so be that God will think upon us, that we perish not.”

Every sleeping Christian has his sense tied like a man that naturally sleep,  No wonder that despite all the promises of God, the provision and the crown of life, the marriage supper of the Lamb and the glorious kingdom of God before him, yet he is sleeping. 

He refuses to fight the good fight of faith. He refuses to run the race that is set before him.


■ It is because a man that is asleep does not feel anything. He doesn’t have feelings. This is a state of insensitivity. There is no consciousness. 

When you are physically asleep, you only wake up the following day and that’s just how you find yourself. 

I remember a vigil we did some time ago where we first started our vigil. 

After the vigil, myself and brother Joshua went to my house and we slept. And my senior brother, brother Mark came to my house. We didn’t know when he opened the door, took a rope and tied our legs together. And wrote in a paper that he was the one that did that and left.

We woke up and saw our legs tied together with rope. We became surprised. How come somebody was trying our legs and we did not know?

Do you know what?

Many of us have been tied spiritually. Our hands have been tied. Our eyes have been closed because we are sleeping spiritually. 

When they wake you up, you get angry.

When they wake you when sleeping in the church , you are annoyed.

It will be as if they are disturbing you. To pray, you will not pray.

When you see the fatherless, widows, orphans, poor and hungry and you are not moved with compassion but look away, it is a sign that you are sleeping.

A man that is asleep has no feeling. He has no compassion. As long as they have enough – food to eat, they don’t care about those who don’t have. They love their religion. They can praise God in a church. 

When someone is being persecuted and you don’t care as long as you are not the one being persecuted, you are spiritually asleep.

There are several times people are being persecuted in the north side. People are being butchered like meat. Houses and churches are being burnt.

When last did you pray for persecuted Christians?

If you don’t have compassion and feeling for them, it is simply because you are sleeping. 

A true child of God that is spiritually awake will not see a persecuted Christian and look away as if he didn’t see anything. He wouldn’t see anyone that is in need and he has the power to solve the problem of that person.

A true compassionate christian that is alive will not look away.

This family needs help, let’s help them.

This brother needs help, let’s help him.

This sister needs help, let’s help her. And you pick it as an offence, you say,

“Everytime, this one needs help. Every Time, money. Don’t we also need help?” You’re saying that simply because you are sleeping.

May the Lord wake us up. Jesus will wake us up.

When something happens to your body, you will feel it. But when it happens to someone else, you behave as if you didn’t see anything.

Prayer: oh Lord destroy the seed of spiritual sleep in my life in Jesus Christ name. 

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PLEASE if anyone call you in my name , asking you to dial a code , please don’t do it , he is a scammer. 

There is this criminal with this number 08148754809 but I discovered this number is not on WhatsApp. 

He is calling people that the reason our group “EVERYDAY LIFE WITH JESUS CHRIST” is locked is because we are having a program which is not true , we are not having any program. 

Then he will ask people to dial a code , which I believe by doing so, he will access your banking details such as BVN and others .

Please be warned , the group is always locked because it is meant for “EVERYDAY LIFE WITH JESUS CHRIST” A DAILY DEVOTIONAL MESSAGE WRITTEN BY E.S SAMSONJUDE.

Don’t respond to such a call , block the criminal,  don’t dial any code .

As for the criminal,  may the Lord arrest you in His wrath , I prophesy your arrest in Jesus Christ name. 

Please Spread this , i beg you

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