Jonah 1:6 (KJV)  

“So the shipmaster came to him, and said unto him, What meanest thou, O sleeper? arise, call upon thy God, if so be that God will think upon us, that we perish not.”

It was as if they were saying;

“Can’t you see the danger?

Can’t you see the death?

Can’t you see the destruction?

Don’t you know we are about to lose our lives?

And in the midst of all these, instead of you to awake and call on your God, you are sleeping? 

What do you mean oh sleeper?”

This call to awake came when danger arose; when terror was taking over. At that moment of danger, there is a possibility of losing life; there is a possibility of losing destiny. At that moment, there is a possibility of losing a glorious ministry. 

At that moment there is a possibility of losing a glorious home.

The men in that ship had wives and children and relatives and failure to overcome the terrible storm is going to lead to the loss of their lives. That means that their wives and children will not see them again. This is why the call to awake came. 

We are living at a time that many believers are sleeping. And anytime believers sleep, danger is approaching. This is because in this spiritual sleep Our lives are in danger; 

Our homes are in danger; 

Our marriages are in danger; 

Our children are in danger; 

Our spiritual birth rights are in danger; 

Our destinies are in danger; 

Our spiritual treasures are in danger; 

Our only soul is in danger.

Many that ignored this calm to awake lose tangible things that are important in their lives.

Many that ignored this call to awake lose their only soul because they neglected God’s way; they neglected God’s call to awake.

Prayer: oh Lord destroy the seed of spiritual sleep in my life in Jesus Christ name. 

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PLEASE if anyone call you in my name , asking you to dial a code , please don’t do it , he is a scammer. 

There is this criminal with this number 08148754809 but I discovered this number is not on WhatsApp. 

He is calling people that the reason our group “EVERYDAY LIFE WITH JESUS CHRIST” is locked is because we are having a program which is not true , we are not having any program. 

Then he will ask people to dial a code , which I believe by doing so, he will access your banking details such as BVN and others .

Please be warned , the group is always locked because it is meant for “EVERYDAY LIFE WITH JESUS CHRIST” A DAILY DEVOTIONAL MESSAGE WRITTEN BY E.S SAMSONJUDE.

Don’t respond to such a call , block the criminal,  don’t dial any code .

As for the criminal,  may the Lord arrest you in His wrath , I prophesy your arrest in Jesus Christ name. 

Please Spread this , i beg you

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