Jude 1:3 (KJV)  

“Beloved, when I gave all diligence to write unto you of the common salvation, it was needful for me to write unto you, and exhort you that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints.”

The Lord is calling everyone to the altar through which  our forefathers traded on and ended up in heaven. 

โ— The church is supposed to be the salt of the world. But the church has lost it flavor 

โ— The church that was supposed to be the light of the world has turned total darkness. Darkness is now rampant in the church. If you want to look at the deaconess, she’s into Witchcraft. The assistant pastor is a witch and the pastor is into something else. They all have different positions in secret society.

The Lord is calling everybody to REPENTANCE and holiness.

โ— The church of God is supposed to be the sheep of Jesus Christ. But the church has gone astray like sheep without a shepherd. Therefore, the love of the world has captured the church. 

It breaks my heart. It causes me sadness. The church of God has gone out from the presence of God and gone to the presence of the world enjoying worldly pleasures that is going to satisfy the desires of the flesh for a time. But eternity awaits all of us.

Listen to me, I am not  preaching about churches or building. You and I are the church and I am telling you what the Lord is demanding from us. Any church you are attending that does not tell you the mind of God, that does not teach you biblical doctrine, you’ll go from church to hell. You better run for your life. You are going to church where they are asking you to bring water and candle, you better run for your life.

I have gone to a meeting before whereby they say we should bring feathers of  a fowl. I was surprised. What are we going to use that for? Are we going to sacrifice feather to the Living God?

They are now teaching tongues. Look at what the church of God has turned to. The Lord will deliver the church. And holiness of God will be established in the church. 

Imagine what the church of God has turned to. If you hear the songs of the choirs today is like hip hop and they will dancing and be using their hand.

Prayer : Every Rubbish in my life,  blood of Jesus Christ, purge them away in Jesus Christ name 

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PLEASE if anyone call you in my name , asking you to dial a code , please don’t do it , he is a scammer. 

There is this criminal with this number 08148754809 but I discovered this number is not on WhatsApp. 

He is calling people that the reason our group “EVERYDAY LIFE WITH JESUS CHRIST” is locked is because we are having a program which is not true , we are not having any program. 

Then he will ask people to dial a code , which I believe by doing so, he will access your banking details such as BVN and others .

Please be warned , the group is always locked because it is meant for “EVERYDAY LIFE WITH JESUS CHRIST” A DAILY DEVOTIONAL MESSAGE WRITTEN BY E.S SAMSONJUDE.

Don’t respond to such a call , block the criminal,  don’t dial any code .

As for the criminal,  may the Lord arrest you in His wrath , I prophesy your arrest in Jesus Christ name. 

Please Spread this , i beg you

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